Friday, 19 March 2010

Well, jangle my bell!

From the Northleach Town Crier

Another Saturday morning looms when I should go out and 'Shout' in Northleach Square. In the pouring rain.

I confess, I'm a bit of a fair weather Town Crier. Call me Cowardly Crier but for some reason I'm averse to standing out there swallowing cold, damp air with cold water blasting into my face, trickling down my neck and drenching my costume cloak or coat - not to mention the heirloom Town Crier Tricorne.

We'll see. It is, after all, my Civic Duty. Stop sniggering. The tradition is that the Town Crier 'shouts' local news and information. This by the way means that Northleach residents are entitled to the FREE announcement of their notable events - eg your significant birthday, anniversary etc - and Northleach businesses and events will also get a free 'shout' within reason...

Next week I visit the school to explain what a Town Crier is to the youngsters. They have no concept of a world without mobile phones or the internet. I grew up thinking that one phone in the house - and an indoor toilet - were normal. Then I must try to explain that only two or three lifetimes before I was born, the main mode of transport was the horse - and electricity was a novelty, let alone the telephone!

Oh, by the way, with reference to my recent Saturday morning appearance, you might be amused to know that until not so long ago it was an Act of Treason to interfere with the Town Crier going about their duty. Be told.

More soon, with pictures.

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