Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ding Dong Merrily

Er.. yes.. well – it’s a bit difficult with short legs. Walking through Cotswold snow, that is. [Think portly dachshund…] Let alone ringing my bell in Northleach Town Square. It’s that icy, I worry if I swing my arm to ringadingding, I’ll go base over apex! And we wouldn’t want to dent the Bell, or the Hat…

But I’m conscious of my duty and, if it’s not actually blizzarding on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, then I’ll tramp down from the farm and make a few icicles quiver.

Probably followed by throat medicine at a hostelry or two?! Everyone is working so hard to keep things comfy and warm. At the Red Lion, they were already cheering things up with what looked like a proper Yule Log. And I hadn’t understood why the wine bar was looking so smart – eyecatching new white-on-blue sign, cool new tables and chairs. Turns out The Ox House is our good old wine shop/bar/coffee shop under new management. The connoisseur wine business Savage Selection continues in upstairs offices. Downstairs continues with cosy fireside, mellow wooden floor and twinkly ceiling. Quite apart from comfortable evenings of wine and natter, it is so civilized to be able to enjoy a snifter of something restorative along with good coffee!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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