Saturday, 26 March 2011

Never mind the fancy cakes - hear the anger!

Fancy cakes for Friends of
Gloucestershire Libraries -
or that's what the BBC think...
(1)  Oh dear. I thought this might be the case... Somewhere on the edge of Northleach Market Square lives a bloke who works nights. Who is not happy of a Saturday morning when my bell clangs and my bellow rattles the windows... I already leave the 'Shout' until late morning, on my own account; by lunchtime it's all gone quiet. What a dilemma...

(2)  In other news... Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries are marching through London as I type. The march is against all cuts: not exactly our message, but it's feet on the street that count now.

And yes, FoGL were in that twee little clip on BBC News At Ten (Friday 25 March). As you've read elsewhere, we support the continued provision of free libraries accessible to everyone. The group includes people from all walks of life - but sadly only those of us with time and energy to spare can get on telly. Those who are grafting to keep a roof over their heads have little chance to be seen or heard; as usual... So never mind the images of Cotswold cottages and fancy cake stands, hear our worry and anger..!

See my kitchen on tv as Northleach, nearby countryside and some of the FoGLs appeared in spring sunshine on BBC News At Ten...  The pro cuts person interviewed after us had a very scant, shivering group of supporters and felt obliged to try to look popular by set dressing with purple balloons. Smells of desperation to me, but then I would say that wouldn't I?!

Half the fun of being filmed was meeting the unexpectedly tasty Mark Easton, BBC home editor, who is decidedly more delicious in person than on screen.  I suspect he wanted to take the mickey out of us but couldn't quite do so, given our serious and deep concerns... See for yourself at Mark Easton's blog (click on this link).

A busy week, then, what with re-inventing my performance work, too!

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